Ever let Scovey hen hatch chicks with her ducklings?


11 Years
Aug 19, 2008
Just asking, my scovey Dolly is sitting on 2 duck eggs.... None of the other ducks are laying and she said she IS SITTING!!! I thought in 2 weeks I would put some chickens eggs under her. Just so..??.. Just curious if anyone has does this?
I guess you could, never done it myself. I currently have 2 muscoveys who are helping my turkey on her nest of turkey eggs. Looks quite funny but they are determined to share the load
You could.... but ducklings are a lot thicker in the down and mother duck doesn't brood on them nearly as much as a chicken mother does. Also If I did it I would only attempt large breed chooks, but stranger things have happened.... Pic included!


Ducky sat on and raised 12 Guinea keets!
Did she mash any of them? I would think she would be to heavy..Keets are so tiny..
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I didn't see the little tag there about those being keets...I kept looking at the picture thinking "wow those are some wierd looking ducklings" Like I was seriously confused.
Ducky was an incredibly intune mother, she had previous broods (ducklings of course) and she acted accordingly...... but with the keets she was much much different..... you all think i'm mad LOL, She never crushed one, and if she accidentally stood on one, one little distress peep from it would send her into a panic trying to find what was hurting her baby LOL, she was one of only 2 ducks that raised Guineas to adulthood and the other was her daughter!!!! I would let her out and she would lead her brood towards the massive lake across the road, when she got to the water, she would jump in and the keets would pace the waters edge in confusion. Thinking a threat was near due to the distress calls she would walk back across the road with them and just hang in the long grass! When they reached a month old they would fly with mum to the lake, she would fly in the water and the keets would land on the bank or the tree overhanging the water. They are all full grown now but all hang round mum like a bad smell, If anything tries to go her, good luck to them..... the guineas all 12 will mob whatever it is, this has happened with randy drakes, roos and once a fox!!! They really love thier mum!


keets snuggling with ducky

Ducky's daughter with her 3 keets!
i would be interested to hear about if you let her sit on chicken eggs and if she successfully hatched them if you choosed to do so??????????????????????????????????????????

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