Ever see a roo trying to protect a hen from another hen?


Nov 24, 2019
I just saw something strange tonight while doing my final check on the coop and closing things down. Most of my chickens sit on the same perch (there's two big ones, but somehow most love bunching together on the same one, like it's their favourite) My roo was sitting next to a gold and black hen I call Bumble, but he had his wing over her like she was snuggling in.

I thought it was just a random thing but then I saw the next yellow hen over trying to peck at her. I dunno if she was trying to peck at her 'cause she was under the wing or just cause she wanted to pick a fight. But I separated them on the perches and then they did it again.

So was the roo trying to protect the hen? I've never seen this behaviour before and find it cute though maybe I'm putting too much thought into it. Has anyone seen this before? What did you think?

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