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    Dec 26, 2008
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    does anyone feed it?

    I'm thinking about switching. I currently feed 50 lbs of Tractor supply brand a week. I'm hoping with EVO according to feeding instructions i'd be feeding about 2 cups per day per dog. I'm thinking that even tho its about 50.00 for the big bag, i'm saving because i feed way less?

    but im bad at math.

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    Jun 15, 2008
    A great food but hard to get an animal on to. It's so rich and different from most other foods people feed that dogs and cats end up with horrible stomach problems even with a slow switch. It's best to use something in between or feed them all raw for at least a week first. You can try switching to innova and then evo. They are both made by natura pet. Otherwise I'd use something else grain free. We are feeding taste of the wild again and have used BG- Before Grain, but it's harder to find. Both are grain free, high meat content, and have much better price tags than evo. They aren't as high of calories and meat content as evo though. My 80lb akita will only eat about 1/2 cup of evo a day and be fine. I rarely have the dry food around anymore but I buy the cans by the case to get a discount and feed them when we don't have anything raw to feed or she's having problems with kibble. Periodically she goes through stages of bolting kibble down, starving herself, and then bolting kibble down again which if left alone starts to cause vomiting and symptoms of bloat so I entice her to eat canned evo for a couple days and she goes back to eating on a proper schedule. She used to do it a lot more as a puppy which is why I would feed her only very dense kibbles like evo and timberwolf organics.
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    Hi there.
    If you are able to shop at tractor supply then you should go for a brand called Taste of the Wild. It is amazing and fantastic food.
    It costs $42ish for a 30lb bag and will last longer because it is a better quality food.

    There are three "flavors" to pick from. What types of dogs do you have? If you know them for having sensitive stomachs or anything, try out the Pacific Stream it has lower protein levels than the other 2 types. Check out the great ingredients in all of them though.


    Can't go wrong with this stuff!
    Its comparable to Blue Buffalo Wilderness which cost more than TotW and there is less lbs. in it as well.

    Make sure you switch slowly because it is a rich food, and can give them runs at first if you change it abruptly.
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    EVO is a great food. Just to costly for us.
    You will never know how the dogs will react to EVO unless you try.
    What exactly is in the food you are feeding now? How do the dogs react to change?
    It is a good idea to pay attention to the calorie content. ToTW doesn't have an extremely high calorie content and even if you were to switch to that before EVO it may not be enough. ToTW is about 350-370cal. EVO is 500 something I believe.

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