EW-one more Q and I'll promise to stop...you dont need grit if you...

I've never heard that but I don't know. I think you're thinking of Oyster Shell. You don't need that if you feed egg SHELL.
You only need grit if you are feeding them a type of food that you or I would have to chew if we were to eat it. Boiled egg does not need grit. Chick starter does not need grit.

Green feed, scratch grains, and most treats ought to have grit. This can be simply clean coarse sand at their age or you can buy parakeet/canary grit from the pet store.

If you are feeding chick starter (highly recommended) then feed only a little boiled egg, yolk and white together.

IDK? i just heard that you should start them on some grit when they start getting "treats" to help them digest...but wasn't sure if it referred to one-day olds too when there just getting egg whites?
Give them whole scrambled eggs. It has everything a chick needs to grow. Literally.
Mama2B&D&...Chickens :

ahh!!! thanks so much Alan! That clears it up! I'll give them just a tiny bit of it mixed! Thanks so much!!!

It is usually free choice as well. They usually know when they need it.​

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