Examples of Breed/Show Quality Silkies

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11 Years
May 5, 2008
Hi guys,

The last time I was on was May 2009! Well, as a sort of update, we finally got our pekin ducks and chickens. We had to sell them over the winter, because it was too much hassle! We built our coop near the edge of our property, far away from any outlets. We were stuck with running a long extension cord all the way from the garage to the coop to run a heat lamp and hauling water over at least 2 times a day to keep it from freezing. Anyways, we sold the chickens to a nice girl who lives up the street and uses them for eggs, and sold the pekin duck pair to a mentally disabled kid who lives near our town.

I have been waiting to get more chickens! I want to do a type of project with breeding and genetics and showing. I will be building a smaller coop that can be moved around. I love genetics, so feel free to post about genetics in silkies too! I am hoping to start with a small flock, probably 3 pullets and 1 cockerel. What are the most interesting colors to breed? I have heard about the elusive 'lavender gene', how is this obtainable?

Also, what is a good example of a breeding quality/ show standard silkie? What are the quality to look for in a chick, pullet, or hen? Rooster/cockerel?

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