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    Jan 16, 2012
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    Hello Folks. Thank you everyone for being such nice people and answering my novice questions.

    I'm getting very excited! I'm getting my peeps this coming Monday. In the meantime, I built my own nesting boxes - I think I overdid it, though. I made a row of six, and I am only getting five chickens to start. I guess I'll plan to expand! Anyway, I was reading some of the posts about height of nesting boxes and roosts. Here 's a couple more questions:

    1. Do the chickens all climb one ladder and then just move across the roost until they find their "spot" on it?
    (I'm thinking that my roost will probably be about four or five feet high,maybe?)

    2. How close in proximity should the nesting boxes be to the roost? I know that they shouldn't be right underneath it, but my shed is pretty good sized (9 feet by 15 feet approx.).

    3. My chicken coop is actually a cinder block shed (approx. 9 feet wide by 15 feet). I plan to put a good number of windows in it. Will this be warm enough in the winter?? The shed floor is concrete.

    4. What is the best way to make those screen boxes to catch all the chicken poop??

    Thanks again everyone. I appreciate the advice and information.

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    Here's the inside of my three sided coop. I probably put the roost too high but they like to roost at the highest level. All my coops have alot of windows because its so fricking hot here. More windows are good you can always tarp them during the winter. I use clear plastic to keep the cold wind from blowing on them in the winter.[​IMG]
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    They do with mine. I have a big ladder roost, then I added a thick brach going from one wall of the coop to the other. They all hop up the ladder and shuffle along the branch at nightfall now. To come down, they either wait their turn or fly. They tend to fly/crash.

    Quote: It doesn't really matter where you put it, but the darkest corner is best. The only reason you wouldn't have it under your perches is if they are open-topped. If they're not, the coop is your oyster. Just don't have them at the same height or above the perches.

    Quote: With litter at least 4inches in depth, the concrete floor won't matter. My coop is cinder blocks, 10ft x 12ft. The chooks did well in it, although I did worry about the little Sebright! The water only froze on the coldest of nights, which was good.
    By windows, do you mean glass/plastic or mesh? I'd certainly have something to cover the mesh up with in winter, but have some ventilation under the roof.

    I can't answer the fourth question as I haven't seen those!

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