Excited to get started


Free Ranging
Nov 12, 2017
Western Ohio
Yay! Glad the ordinance will change. Welcome to BYC.

You’ve picked good breeds, so you should have a good first flock.

Since you get pretty cold up there, you should try to plan for electric in your coop for the heater you will need for their water. You don’t need heat in the coop, but you do need to keep their water liquid. If you plan to provide supplemental light in the coop to provide 14 hours of light/day during fall and winter, thenhaving an outlet will help there. And third electric need is for possible electric fence - a great way to keep animals away from your set-up. We have electric in our coop for these three reasons, although no electric fence yet, but it’s there for when we do need it.

And, I’ll recommend you have a roof or something over your doorway, and possibly over the pop door. You get snow and all kinds of winter precipitation. If you protect the door openings from at least some of this, you won’t have to deal with doors that are frozen shut!

have fun planning!

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