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Jul 31, 2021
Let's try this again...a few days ago I wrote a whole post and then paste the questions over it by mistake and posted something that didnt make much sense! So here goes, part 2!

I am new to chickens, we just got them for the first time this spring. I researched chixken keeping a few years back when we moved to a rural area from city life but had a 2 year old and it wasnt the right time. My 17 year old cousin decided to pick up 9 chickens and 2 ducks from the local tractor supply this April. He was totally unprepared. He kept them in brooders in his bedroom but the quickly got wayyy to big for that. He didnt have the means to purchase a coop so my husband and I ended up making a big ole coop.for them at our house out of repurposed pallets. Im telling you, repurposing pallets is hard work and slow going!

We didnt have a pond for the ducks, only a plastic kiddie pool. They were very anxious all the time, quite loud and frankly gross with all their watery, nasty poop. They pooped in the feeders nearly daily and dirtied up the water constantly. We found a wildlife refuge that had other ducks and ponds and everything they need that would take them in. We only have 6 chickens left, 3 died. The first died within a week or so, not sure what happened my cousin still had them. I know the other chickens pecked they heck out of the one that ended up dead but not sure what all happened to cause that. Another chick died around 5-6 weeks bc my young daughters were "trying to help them fly". The 3rd chicken just died from an impacted crop. Unfortunately I just didnt know anything about the crop and by the time I did, it was already too late for her. I am devastated!! My poor girl!! We have 3 meat chickens and 3 laying chickens. Im not sure why my cousin chose the 3 meat chickens, we have no intention of eating them. We have no idea what breeds they are, I think 1 is a Rhode Island Red and 2 of the ones that died were the same. I will make another post later for breed. I am pretty certain we have 3 roosters and 3 hens. ***Editing to add, the 3 meat chickens are the 3 roosters I believe and the 3 layers are hens***

***Editing to say it was actually 10 chickens not 9..I forgot we lost one to a hawk!!***

One of my favorite aspects of raising the chickens is that my daughters' absolutely love them and are engaging and helping with the daily care, tasks and chores of chicken keeping. Its been an amazing experience they will carry with them through life. We will continue to learn more and grow until we know all the things there are to know about being good chicken keepers!

I learned about BYC from google searches, it kept poppingg up and I love the format of being able to learn from others who actually dealt with what I am asking about.

I look forward to chatting with all of you, thanks for having us!
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