Excreted intestines

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    please help diagnose this death, it may have been cocci or predator..............

    I moved my coop with the last 2 birds of my flock about 10 days ago. we got hit a few times the last month by coyotes and lost a half a dozen. these last two were healthy layers, a White Leghorn and Golden Comet/ the Comet had sporadic blood spotting on the eggs and I always attributed that to some sort of straining. anyhow, I thought she was going broody cause she was hanging out in the nest box most all the time for the better part of about a week after the move and then laid one egg with blood spots, That was a Friday I think. Sat I checked them before leaving the house, really only looking for eggs. I vaguely remember seeing the dark bloody stole in the nest box, I really didn't know that's what it was. Didn't have a chance to check on them again until Sun morning. Found the Comet dead with a very difficult to understand condition of the intestines, they were on the ground under the coop and some innards still remained intact but had definitely been excreted (or pulled out??) at the cloaca.

    There was blackish poop in the coop and the nest box she was in definitely had blood droppings in it, as well as the coop floor boards (my coop has an open air bottom made of pallets). She had no other wounds on her, but the WT Leghorn has blood on her shoulder and neck. I haven't been able to examine her to see if she is actually wounded. She may have just gotten blood on her if the Comet was above on a roost and was bleeding.

    Originally I thought it to be a predator, here perhaps a weasel, the black tailed is in a lot of New Mexico. My wife had read that they can attack from the bottom and kill for sport, I just couldn't imagine the innards being pulled out like that and not eaten. Also, its hard to understand how they could or would have been excreted due to the cocci or other aliment.

    thoughts, experiences??

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    The one chicken may have had a prolapse of the cloaca, and other chicken may have pecked it and pulled it out, or a predator did this. Chickens will cannibalize each other when they see blood. Coccidiosis, I don't think could cause this.

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