Excuse my DUMB question.. ;P

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    Oct 25, 2011
    hahah. How do i breed chickens? Can someone please explain this to me? just put the hen and roo together and wait till she lays???
    hahah And how do i incubate them? do i just gather then incubate in the same minute?

    And what is lock-down, candling?
    help lol
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  2. Welcome. First, you can't breed chickens. There are no documented cases of a successful breeding with a human.

    You have the basics. 1 rooster can service about 10 hens. you can incubate between 1-7 days. Lockdown is day 18 of the incubation process. Candling is a method of looking in your egg during incubation using darkness and a strong light.

    There is a wealth of information here. There is a search function tha brings up past answers to common questions and a learning center that digs a lot deeper than my basic answers.

    Welcome and enjoy.
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    Nov 24, 2009
    click on Learning Center at the top of the page. [​IMG] That should cover most of the basics.

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