Exhibition Breeds/Varieties for Beginners


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What variety/breed is recommended for beginners/Novices?

With so much attention on heritage breeds and so many new folks acquiring a backyard flock, what Exhibition variety/breed is recommended for Novices?

Are there any you would suggest a Novice not start with?

Being an Orpington fan, I enjoy helping newbies get into Orpingtons, but steer them away from the Blue. Many newbies have acquired the Self Blue, but I always suggest a Standard of Perfection recognized color.

For you that have 30+ years in the Fancy, what do you recommend for a Novice in the Fancy?

Not recommend for a Novice?

(Note: I have polled "old timers" and will post their suggestions here as they become available).


Recommended Exhibition Breeds/Varieties for Novices

Plymouth Rock

Large Fowl
Plymouth Rock

Breeds/Varieties NOT Recommended for Novices

Blue in any breed.
Game Fowl (because of dubbing)
Japanese (lethal short leg gene)​
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You should add Rosecomb to your Bantam selection, they are typically very docile, easy to handle, and seldom seen or shown much in the Junior so will aid in boosting thier interest while assisting a real nice breed.
I would not recommend Orientals for beginners.
Birds that must be conditioned religiously( Mediterranean, OEGB, Rosecombs )

Although I think from personal experience that if you want docile, and tame(showmanship characteristics) Use an OEGB, or Modern.
I recommend Brahmas in Both sizes along with most featherlegged breeds.

This is what i have seen, being a junior. Although i started with an oriental breed and OEGB.

There are always variables, like when there is a junior with a hatchery OEGB that is in better condition than any other open exhibitor with show birds. Some oriental breeds vary in mood like my Cubalayas.

Always remember that a junior should be caring for there birds if they are showing as a junior. They should not be showing if they are not old enough to do it themselves. I cant stand (even though i win open classes like OEGB all the time) when a parent raises, handles, grooms, and takes care of the birds at the shows. Its annoying to see a little kid running around playing tag in the show hall, while mom/dad/grandpa is taking care of the birds. A friend of ours only lets his kids exhibit birds if they take care of them at home themselves, responsibly. I take care of all my entries at the shows every morning of a show, and breed/raise birds myself. I raise 500 birds a year, not my dad
Great topic of high interest to me. Please include why you think the various breeds are good or bad for beginners.

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