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    Dec 5, 2011
    I am the poultry superintendent for our county fair, and we are in need of expanding our chicken housing. The Fair Board is hesitant to spend very much money, so I'm looking for the best prices I can find on exhibition cages.

    The closest we have found are #1 and 2 at http://www.keippercooping.com/poulty.htm , but those don't have wire in the bottom (which we'd like to have, as we don't want the chickens to stand in their stools because it is hard to clean off their feet when kids have back-to-back classes with different birds).

    Do any of you know of a source for similar cages, but with wire bottoms?


    Also feel free to email if you prefer, info @ grullablue . com
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    Oct 15, 2007
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    They do not make exhibition poultry cages with wire bottoms, it is not what you want an exhibition bird to stand on. Exhibitors just learn to remove the poo from the cages ( shavings ) and then clean the feet before the judge gets there.
    I am talking about purebred exhibition poultry not broilers.

    I do not know where you live but in Texas there are 100's of County fairs that no longer have poultry exhibits and the coops are just stored somewhere. Many times they are willing to sell them quite cheap.

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    Strombergs has cages, their not exhibition, but they do have wire floors, www.strombergschickens.com The cages may be a little hard to find on line but I've seen them in the catalog.
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    May 1, 2011
    Rabbit exhibitors use poultry caging quite often for the cooped shows.. for wire bottoms exhibitors BRING IN their own "risers" that they make, or buy. some 4H clubs have a meeting where they get together and make them... the risers are removable and seperate from the coops.. exhibitors can choose to use them.. or not.. some rent them for the show. The all wire risers I have are made of 1/2x1 welded cage wire.. sides folded over to create the rise...then clipped in teh center so they fold in half or can be taken apart.. fit through the coop door.. Let me know via email.. I can photo what I got and email it to ya if needed. I've seen them sold for $5 each or rented for $2 a coop per show. Problem with renting them is some tend to walk off...

    Sheri in MN
    [email protected]

    PS..Looking for LF Buff Brahmas...preferably started or older chicks.

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