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    Jul 12, 2010
    Hi I am a new chicken owner. I am twelve and my little sister who shares this acount is eight. We got five chickens about 13 weeks ago. The oldest one is 15 weeks old, they already look like full grown hens! ~:> The "hen" that was mine turned out to be a rooster. So i took it back and got a tiny little 12 week old easter egger named bella. Well i guess she messed up the pecking order because all of the other chickens pick on her and they have for about two weeks she has alot of missing feathers and cuts. I don't know what to do, if anyone has some input on what to do i would really appreciate it.

    Thanks [​IMG]
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    Jun 17, 2010
    Pflugerville, TX
    Chickens need to be slowly introduced to each other. Once a cut happens and the chickens see blood, the pecking on her is not going to stop. You need to remove her from the situation somehow. Do you have a dog crate you could put her in for a week or so? There's some products that stop the bleeding, and I know someone else will post with the name of it (I don't know what it is offhand). In the future when introducing chickens to each other, you need to give them a week or so to get to know each other, either through free-ranging together or by having a divider in your coop/run where they can see each other but not peck each other. It's awesome you knew to come on here and seek advice! Good luck, I know you'll gets lots of great suggestions
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    Hi and welcome! You'll want to take your new girl out and get her something for her wounds. I think it's called blue kote. Chickens just can't help themselves when it comes to picking on one that is down and out. Please post your question on the Managing Your Flock section -- there are lots of folks who can help you with the specifics. Good luck!

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