expanding the coop for a growing flock

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    Mar 12, 2013
    I am fairly new to raising birds. We bought 10 chicks last spring and they all survived and started laying for us like we hoped at about 4 months. I used one of my old goat pins in my old rotten barn as their coop. i made some mods, added some roosts and 2 nesting boxes and it was worked great. My flock has grown to 14, I have 6 new chicks to add and 44 eggs due to hatch any day now. I want to extend their coop and add a true run since now they only have about 10x10ft of open space. does the run need a cover or can it just be a high fence? and How do you know if your chickens will do ok as free range. I would like to let them free range during the day. I have 4 acres and friendly neighbors in the country but I am afraid that if I let them out I will never get them back... am I just worrying too much. this all started as a fun project for my daughter and I but now that we have been successful with it she wants more and I need to educate myself. HELP

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    Feb 20, 2013
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    I was afraid to free range too at first, but we have 4 girls that we let free range now all the time, they love it. We just keep a watch out for them and watch the skies for predators. Every evening about dark they go back into their house and settle in for the night. Amazingly they are such creatures of habit. They will go back up at night don't worry, just keep a watch for predators. Good luck.

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