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  1. vckums

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    Apr 18, 2009
    We've only had the chickens for a bit over a week now. They've been doing great! Atleast I hope so. They seem to have a pattern for laying, I have been keeping track so we'll see if I'm right.

    I've been itching to expand their run. We've got the room for it and hubby agreed to do it tomorrow. This was his project yet I think I'm the one who's more excited about expanding etc. lol

    I do have a question. The runs on the ground and about 4 feet tall. Is it easy to add to it height wise? We've got to do a little at a time ($) and I'd like to give them more room to roam, then add height to accomodate us walking into the run. Anyone have ideas, experience or words of wisdom for us?

    I am so having fun on this site! I thank my lucky stars I found it and you all.
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    Apr 4, 2009
    It's funny you would ask that question as I am in the process of planning my run/coop and with the wire that I have mine will end up being 4 ft high and I want it higher to accommodate walking in. So I thought if I do the bottom portion 4ft, with the wire walls, then on top of the top frame I can add a facade or front that would be made out of plywood and it would extend up another two feet so that you would actually have about a 6 ft height so walk inside, that is if you were to have a door way in the center. Then it would slope down to the sides. I was then going to put a top on it to make it resemble a barn.
    This is actually my first rough rendition of it, before I thought about making taller in the center of where I have marked where the door would be. As I said, I would just extend it up 2 feet above the top of the wire with a front of plywood, and then add some rafters that would come in from the corners and then I would put a square box rafter in the center to support the four rafters coming from the corners, which would also be the bottom support of the barn topper.

    I hope that makes sense!

    Good luck

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