Expecting June 20th (or so) chicks! [Shout out to the MO lady!]


9 Years
Apr 27, 2010
Vernon County, MO
I got an awesome broody (an Orphington) and some fertile eggs from a generous lady here in Missouri (honestly, I can't remember your name, sorry!). She has remained quite firmly on her little nest, my dad was a bit concerned at her utter Zen-mode unmovable-ness. She's otherwise doing fine and keeping healthy it seems
I keep wanting to check on her every few minutes....."Are you okay? How are the eggs? Are you comfortable? Do you have enough food? Water? Can I get you anything? Would you like a nice wing massage, or perhaps a cucumber mask?"

But gah I'm excited!
This is my first clutch of hatching eggs, I think I'm going to go nuts waiting for them to pip, zip, and cheep!

Anyone else expecting end-of-the-month chicks?
Good luck!
I have two groups under my broody Cochin. The first batch of 14 is due on June 13 and the second 3 are due to hatch on June 19. I'm excited.
I'm expecting a hatch on June 21st. My mixed breed hen, Spot, is sitting tight. I share your excitement!

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