experimenting with ways to protect plants and flowers


7 Years
Oct 25, 2012
Northern Ca near CHICO
We have raised chicken before about 10 years ago and I was all for doing it again so we started a new flock in April 2012 - what i forgot was how distructive they can be. FIRST thing i have been insisting on ( after replanting my bagonias 3 xs)
Is limiting the time they are out since i am not always home my 12 year old son is suppose to watch them.( as they scratch up ground cover it took 5 years to grow) Needless to say i am on a mission to protect my flowers ( and keep the chickens)
I have started putting different kinds of wire down on the ground hardware cloth, chicken wire, & plastic latice and plastic poultry netting. Its going to be a lot of work but since they have already spent the summer scratching up much of my flowers i have alot of replanting to do! I will keep anyone interested in the results informed of my progress. And if u have tried anything that has been successful please share. MY GOAL is to have the plant protection pleasing to look at and discrete !

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