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    Jun 14, 2009

    This is my first post here. We have had backyard chickens for over five years and have a new dilema.... we have seen it all, but this one has us baffled!

    We enjoy hard boiled eggs along with any other style, but it is the hard boiled ones that started to change. We have always used eggs that are at least ten days old before boiling and we have had great eggs. About 5 months ago our hard boiled eggs started to feel like jelly... not the shell and not the yolk.. just the whites. We can boil them for ten minutes, boil them for one hour... it does not matter.. the whites are squeeshy. I went out and bought eggs (oh the shame) and boiled them.. no problem.

    The chickens appear happy and healthy and they are laying regularly. We have not changed their feed or water...

    Has anyone seen this before? Is it some sort of deficiency? Have I been invaded by aliens?

    Any help will be appreciated, Thank you
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    how old are your chickens, 5 yrs old? are the poor quality eggs coming from old hens? that could be a problem not only does quantity of eggs suffer from age but egg quality can also suffer. IDK just an idea.

    link to lots of good info on egg quality

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    I agree with the other post. As a bird gets older the quality of the egg can change too.

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