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May 3, 2010
Last night my husband and I went out to put the chickens away after dark. (For the last two nights now our first generation and 2nd generation are now in the same run/coop and our third generation is in the small run/coop.)( generation 3 is not free ranging yet, they are only 4 weeks old) So most of the 2nd generation was still in the yard and we picked each one up and put them in the run and then closed the door. We then closed the door to the two ducks pen and last we went into the 3rd generations run and closed the coop door. OK all are locked up for the night. If I had to make a comment about it all it would be that no I didn't do a head count BUT we did do a total walk around the yard and I will put my hand on what ever you want me to and state I know I got my two named Dawn and Dove into their coops. This morning my mother-in-law was outside my fenced yard tiring to catch one of my Dominique's (we just clipped both of their wing) OK I can admit that I didn't do a head count.
The thing I want someone to explain is how Dawn and Dove got from the big coop/run last night to being locked up in with generation 3 inside the locked coop. Generation 2 and generation 3 has never been together and it is all blowing my mind.
Okay...wilda**ed guess...you didn't do a head count and those two were left outside overnight. A concerned neighbor found Dawn and Dove wandering their yard this morning and figured they'd do you a favor by putting them into one of the pens. They chose the wrong one.

Yeah, probably far-fetched, but less than my other theory about space alien abduction
Good guess but I also have three dogs. know one would come into my yard and make it out. and also I know dawn and dove was put away last night They are my only two pure white chickens
Well again last night I put them all away in the proper coops.
I'm happy to say that this a morning they were all were I put them
:weeeEscape Artists.

When you have various colored chickens, the white ones get sneaky. I have 2 also. Where it not for my granddaughter that would not be the case,but... So, my one is an escape artist, she is constantly getting out on me. I open the door to go in, she sneaks out without me seeing her. Hides behind the coop until I'm gone. I look out the window later and she is happily pecking about the yard. And I have a 12" lip on the threshold. So, my theory is:

They snuck out together after you put them in or as you were going out. Hidout or went to the 3rd coop while you were checking out the Ducks, and hid from you when you were checking out that coop. Or something like that. I can well imagine something like that happening here, cause it has more than once. That is why I do a head count every night, with a flash light if necessary. For a while that little white hen would go back to the brooder house with the chicks, cause that is where she grew up and she knew it. I swear chickens have selective memories.

I think white chicks and hens have a harder time in a mixed colored flock. My two stick close even though they are different breeds and different ages. I had 2 white Ameraucanas did the same thing.

That's my theory and I'm sticking to it.

Or aliens did abduct them, couldn't understand them cause they don't speak chicken talk so returned them to the wrong pen. I'm pretty sure that is what happened when I found one of my babies on the other side of the fence.

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