Eye and beak swelling

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6 Years
Sep 20, 2013
I have 2 baby chicks that were hatched about 1.5 weeks ago by a hen in my current flock of 9. They are Rhode Island Reds.
Both were doing fine in the coop with mamma hen until 2 days ago. We noticed that their eyes are swelling pretty much shut as well as the top of their beaks. We thought maybe ants had gotten to them unknowing we had ants in the coop. The hens and roosters free range in our yard during the day. Here is a pic of what the eyes have done within 2 days. We have sperated them from the older flock in a large dog kennel with a heat lamp. I am beside myself not knowing what to do for them. Ive read a few different things here, but being unsure I didn't want to treat. Please help! Thank u

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