eye injury - does she really need to be quarantined?

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De Regenboog Kippetjes
13 Years
Apr 7, 2010
one of my black cochin hens got caught in the brambles again, and seems to have taken a thorn in the eyelid (ouch!) i removed the thorn yesterday, and today her eye is swollen closed (the eyelid is very red and swollen)
ive had a good look, can see the original 'puncture' site (its a white dot surrounded in red swelling) have rinsed with saline solution and popped her in a cage. but shes making such a fuss (she can only see from her left side and is crashing into the sides of the cage/flapping/sqwarking etc)

would it be ok to put her back in the run? shes not contagious or anything just temporarily half blind until the swelling goes. shes seems more stressed inside and im guessing that is bad for her health!
I would put her back in with the others, but keep a close attention of her. The other hens may try to attack her. Because she is weaker than they are. If that doesn't work, I would put her in a dog crate. Maybe if it is near the other hens she will be happier.
yeah thats what i was thinking, she misses her friends and knows where everything is in the run, so she'd know where to find it with one eye, but keeping her in got her too stressed.
I agree completely with justbugged's advice. Chickens heal much better and faster when they are around their cohorts. Just keep an eye on the cohorts to make sure they are playing nicely.

Good luck.

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