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I dont understand why or how this happened! My birds are generally very mellow with one another aside from head pecking but nothing major. Ive always prided myself in how painlessly they allow newbies into the flock.

That being said I reintroduced a healing bird back into the flock today. She had been penned up inside their pen so she was never really gone. Most of the birds just acted like she never went anywhere. A couple challenged her but that was that. Everyone was fine all day.

Tonight i found her hiding her head in the corner of the coop. Her eye is bleeding and swollen. No injuries on the skin, head, or eyelid. The eye itself appears to be somewhat protruding.

She just recovered (very VERY amazing recovery) from crop surgery and she recieved 3 days of Pen-G shots after it so i am pretty sure I cannot give her anymore of that. I have baytril tablets but thats all i have for general antibiotic.

I have flushed the eye with saline and administered the antibiotic eye ointment. I did not spend the last two weeks nursing her back to health for nothing. Whats the prognosis on this eye injury? Should i just let her rest and keep doing what i am doing? will this heal?

most importantly, will she be okay???

Yes, eyes heal quickly, from the outside in. She will heal, very likely. You need to cover her eye, and keep it in darkness for several days. Med tape works, but be sure to only tape it to wrapping, it'll wear her skin and feathers out to have them taped and untaped. Wrap her head, but leave the other eye visable.

I've had injuries similar to my birds trying to fly out of pens. Sometimes they catch a rough edge, or old piece. We try to be vigilant, but accidents happen. She has probobly lost eyesite in that side.

Keep changing bandage 2x a day for 3-4 days, then once a day. Once the scab forms, just wash it. Good Luck and Best wishes for rapid recovery.
Thank you so much marty. Sure made me finally breathe a sigh of relief. I really feel for this dang bird. She had given up right before we did the crop surgery and has made an amazing recovery. Ill get going on a makeshift eyepatch. thank you again!
I use old baby socks. I just cut out a face place, except in your case cover one eye. End of socks, or sew up cut off sleeves..... etc. Recycle old clothing, but be sure its clean, and cotten is good.

Marty, the cheapskate MedTech! LOL Cotten has worked as bandage for a great many centuries, and linen too. Any natural fiber, but cotten and linen are the most absorbant. Old sheet and pillow case cotten isn't as absorbent, but doesn't stick as bad. Old cloth diapers (flannel) are very absorbant, but stick to wounds more. Socks, esp baby ones, with that tighter weave, donn't stick too bad, but are quite convenient.

Glad you approve!
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