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9 Years
Apr 4, 2010
A outdoor cat that is here....has a problem with both eyes. It just happened over the last few days as far as I know. This is a tom a bit over a year old. I know he has worms and gonna get him wormed. Not sure if this would cause him to have this eye problem or something else. He has had no vaccinations. These cats were here and wild when we moved in to this property.

His eyes look whited over one is worse then the other. Also I see red but no blood to the touch of my hands or so much you can wipe it off. It just looks like debi's did the other day....if you seen that.

What else could cause this? Could it be worms?

Vet closed now till tues....just seen this this evening.

Should I get some cheap walmart wormer and use it for now?

My husband thinks leukemia but it says a variety of eye problems kinda veg and I did not think that would be the cause since he is only a little over a year. Still pretty young.
I'm not sure how quickly the clouding occurs with feline leukemia. I have a formerly feral 12 y/o cat with one cloudy eye. It has been that way since she was a little kitten. We believe it was due to some type of head trauma.

Check for lumps or bumps on his head. Clouding can occur almost immediately with trauma.
An old remedy for pink eye that I have used for years on myself, family and two stray kittens who showed the white cloudy eyes is

Goldenseal tea. Get some goldenseal from the store (walmart and just about everybody else carries it) (preferably in capsules and not a liquid)

Boil some water and put about 1/4 cup of it into a glass. Add a few capsules in there. Wait until they dissolve well (give it about 1/2 hour) and then add cold water until you have about 1/2 cup liquid.

Let it rest and all the "matter" settle to the bottom and then siphon off the clear liquid into a container. Use a cotton ball or kleenex to absorb some of the liquid and carefully drip some into the affected eye (I do both anyway)

That's all. Do that about three times a day for a few days and it should clear up. Make sure that you use a clean cotton ball each time you dip it into the solution, don't cross contaminate.

The cats eyes lost the cloudy look and I never have to go to the doc for pink eye. It does sting just a bit if you have it bad but then it goes away. Now if you get any of the grit in there, yes it hurts.

I can't promise this will work but it did for me. As a disclaimer, use at your own risk.
I am leaning more towards some sort of trauma however I did not feel or see any other lumps on him anywhere. I wonder if my horse stepped on him, kicked, or stomped him?

I do see him run in and out of the pasture sometimes and she does that sometimes for some reason, nothing better to do I guess.

I really don't understand the blood shotness in both eyes....it is like blood vessels are blown.....that is why I was leaning towards trauma of some kind, I don't think they get like that with pink eye?
I really don't understand the blood shotness in both eyes....it is like blood vessels are blown

Infection can cause that appearance.

Get some Boric Acid eyewash and rinse them.

Wear gloves because it's contagious to humans too​
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Actually the antibiotic I have left over seems to be working....so maybe it is pink eye. They look better after one dose from last night. I did another one this morning. It is an eye ointment for pink eye for dogs and cats.

I don't have much left though.

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