Eyeball to eyeball with a Fox


May 11, 2020
One of our Goats has been acting strange and I think I know why now. One of our Hens has a spot on top of our hay pile where she lays eggs. I was gathering eggs this afternoon and I climbed up there to see if there was an egg and there was an immature Fox curled up there. I wish I wouldn't have screamed at it because it didn't seem very frightened. The haystack is directly adjacent to the goat pen. The Goat was still acting scared this morning. Anyway, I set the live trap so hopefully, I'll catch the bugger. I don't understand why it hasn't killed chickens because they have the run of the place during the day. I had been working in that area for some time and the Fox had to have been there during that time.
It's really strange. We have 5 acres three miles from town and there are other small parcels with homes around us. Maybe this fox has been fed and is somewhat used to people?
Chicken isn't the only thing on a fox's menu, fox will go after cats and small dogs also depending on how hungry they are. I agree he needs to go, best of luck and please keep us posted. :)

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