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10 Years
Apr 26, 2009
Toadsuck, AR
We went to the nearest mall last night (50 miles away ) and I saw people getting their eyebrows threaded. I really didn't stop for long to watch and was wondering if any of you have had this done before.
I don't know what that is???

Like needle and thread threading????

I tweeze mine and that is it.
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I think it's like plucking, with a tiny loop around the hair?

I have really fair eyebrows so I just tidy them up with a sculpting razor.
Yes, I have, and it's painless and I prefer it to waxing, but that was when I lived "up north". I can't find anyone within 50 miles who does it

You should try it. Now, I can't guarantee *you* won't find it painless, but I did. My lady also did my upper lip and that was MUCH better than getting it waxed. I don't remember if it was painless, but I think it was. For me, my upper lip is worse than any other area that I had waxed. So...I wish I could find someone who knows how to do it.
To me (I didn't watch for long) it looked like they were taking these 2 thread-like things and using them to pull the hair out. They were also selling false eyelashes.
I used to work with someone who would pluck out every last eyebrow hair, and then draw them back on with eyebrow pencil. She looked like a freaky scary clown. Take care not to go to extremes.

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