EYP internal laying. Happened today or yesterday. Help please


Apr 30, 2019
West Palm Beach FL
My light Brahma internally laid in past day or so. She was fine up until this morning when she didn’t come out with the others. She won’t stand. She did scoot around a bit in the hospital though.

She clearly has yolk and white on her vent area. How is best to clean it? Soapy warm water? I did get clumps of till off but it’s a sticky mess and I’m trying to not traumatise her more than I have to. She is having laboured breathing but not panting. She keeps closing her eyes as if exhausted. Her color is good and she shows not other signs of injury or illness. Her weight is a little Light but not by a lot.

I do not have baytril but I do have some human antibiotics.

I do not know when she last laid but she spent time in the nest boxes this week. I’m thinking this just happened yesterday or today.

I did lose her sister a few months back to reproductive issues. Some here might remember the thread on the necropsy.

What can I do? If I can save her I want to. But I will cull rather than have her suffer.

Never mind. She died a few hours ago. At least not was relatively quick as she was fine yesterday. I hope to do a necropsy tonight. AC crapped out so dealing with that first. Argh. What a day.

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