F"rooster"ated again!!

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  1. michbahl

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    Jul 12, 2010
    I am so frustrated. I am just starting out in the chicken business so I have just acquired 6 new hens, I am only allowed 6 chickens per my land size. My city that I live in will not allow us to have roosters since the lots are smaller. Well turns out of my 6 "hens", 4 are crowing!! My neighbors must be ticked off with me. I can't believe my luck. I have had to give away all the roosters, no one wants to buy them.

    I also heard that if there is not a rooster in the bunch, a hen will start crowing. That is kind of what has happened with all my chickens. I would give away the one that was crowing and another would start. Will this ever end? What should I do if the hens do start "crowing", or is that just a wives tale? [​IMG]
  2. Imp

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    I have a hen that crows, but it is not very loud. Kind of a garbled, short, underwater sounding crow. She's also grown a spur on one side.

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    I have two hens that crow out of 28, but it is not nearly as often or as loud as the boys(8 of those). The sound also does not travel like a real crow. One that crows started in response to one of the boys learning to crow, he was not very good and it sounded more like she was telling him to shut up. I would not guess it would be enough to cause your neighbors to complain. Maybe they don't know that hens can crow. Crowing? What crowing? You know they have pills for that.

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