F&W Runners seem to have "weak" legs...


13 Years
May 13, 2010
I got 2 F&W Runners and one especially seems to have "weak" legs.What I mean is, at first I thought it was cold all the time but now I'm thinking it's legs look a little thinner than the others. What should I be doing for this? I have the duckling on vit/electrolyte in the drinking water...gets enough exercise and has from the beginning.The runners are 5 weeks old.When i first noticed it I started the vitamin water and I think it's helping. Any ideas?
I often see one of my runners getting a bit shakey in the legs for a few days - Is that what you are seeing. I thought maybe it is something similar- as you mention thinking it is cold- so I was thinking something along the lines of shivering. It goes away as fast as it appears without treatment in my birds. They are growing so fast- and with such long legs its so much more noticeable.
Thank you...I'm hoping they make it...one seemed to be laying down an awful lot so restarted giving the vitamin water.I only ordered 2 , straight run and I *THINK* I got one of each
I absolutely love these little guys...they are so cute when they run

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