Facebook Fallout for Chicken Hugging.


10 Years
Apr 16, 2012
Texas, USA
I had some people making fun of our family for how lovey our kids are with the chickens. We were laughed at for treating "livestock" like "babies", please tell me that other people love their chickens this much too. I know we can't be the only chicken crazy folk out here!!!
Oh, I think we all go through the ridicule from the people in our lives that just don't get it. It is hysterical though that it's acceptable to roll around on the ground with a dog licking you square in the face , but hug a chicken and you're weird. I don't try to defend myself anymore (and for the most part they've all given up). I Love My Chickens, Deal With It!!!
When people are on facebook they often act like complete morons. Chickens are wonderful creatures to keep around and more people are learning that everyday. Maybe one day it won't be such a taboo subject.
I deal with it in high school. But, I guess it isn't that uncommon for that to be the cesspool of ridicule.

All I say is, "if you don't like it, leave." or "As if you would know what being normal is, just look at your self!"

-Lucas, what said is said.
thanks guys, it's nice to meet people who know how truly aweseome birds are!! i can't even begin to count all the things i love about my flock!

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