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Faces in the Shadows

Discussion in 'Games, Jokes, and Fun!' started by Dragapacacorn, Nov 12, 2014.

  1. Masquerade... Seething shadows breathing lies, masquerade. You can fool any friend who ever new you.
    Masquerade... Leering satyrs, peering eyes, masquerade. Run and hide- but a face will still pursue you.

    It sits there, on the table, taunting you, haunting you. It won't burn, it won't tear, it won't break... It's always there, right when you need it the most. When you do put it on, it slowly expands, covering more of your face, giving you less control over what you do when you wear it... but the power. The infinite power. Each mask with a different power.

    France, 1600s or the 16th century.

    Seasons can help you set up what the area of your Roleplay looks like, and what your character is wearing. Here is a schedule for the seasons.
    January- Spring
    February- Summer
    March- Fall
    April- Winter
    May- Spring
    June- Summer
    July- Fall
    August- Winter
    September- Spring
    October- Summer
    November- Fall

    • Please censor your swearing.
    • Please keep out-of-character arguments on private messages.
    • Please be willing to roleplay with everyone if you have open characters.
    • Please try to keep the same amount of men and women.

    • If you are having trouble finding a mask for a make character, feel free to private message me.
    • You may use pictures from outside the set time period for you character sheet, or form.
    • How the mask looks determines what powers you have while your character wears it.

    Mask Powers:

  2. Frindizzle

    Frindizzle Guitar Girl <3 Premium Member

    ( I really like it. Ill see how its goes, and if is is good, I will join!)
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Frindizzle

    Frindizzle Guitar Girl <3 Premium Member

  5. [​IMG]
    I'm so board I'm only responding in drawings that I've Made XD
  6. Frindizzle

    Frindizzle Guitar Girl <3 Premium Member

    ( Lol, I need help with the mask)
  7. Male or female

  8. Frindizzle

    Frindizzle Guitar Girl <3 Premium Member

    ( Female)
  9. Ok, I'll PM you some masks.
  10. Frindizzle

    Frindizzle Guitar Girl <3 Premium Member


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