Fadeing puppy-any suggestions?

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    May 16, 2008
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    This will be long so bear with me. We had bulldog pups a week ago today. So far they are doing well. Yesteday one of the girls was a little "fussy" She coninuted to fuss off and on but was eating ok-not quite as greedy as before but still filling her belly. In the middle of the night she really started crying and her tummy was a little bloaty. I tried to make her poo but she did not need to or would not. She refused to eat at the 4 pm feeding so I figured we would take her to the vet in the am.

    In the past we have had this same situation and taken them to the vet. The vet will usually put them on an anitbiotic but they don't have temps and they usually dont' get better. I have also searched fadeing puppy on the internet. In the past they usually just fade away. Sometimes they will cry non stop, then die. The vets have said well, maybe they were not right on the inside. I also give them some ringers sub q, if they appear dehydrated.

    This morning I was decideing to take the little one to the vet, I set them up to eat before I would leave and she is eating ok and seemed not as bloaty or have a "firm" belly. I did not notice a poo but have encouraged mom to keep the babies clean on the south end.

    Just wondered if anyone else breeds pups and has had this happen to them? This is not genetic as far as my reading had shown. I have since talked to my son(he is the puppy sitter as I have to be at work) and her next feeing went ok as well.

    Another questions? Some of thier poos seem a little firm. Can I give them like a drop of corn syrup? Our doctor had us give that to our infant son when he had hard poos. They are nursing from mom-no puppy replacer given. They are going potty a lot.

    Thanks for listening. I know there are more pressing problems out there on the board these last few days and this sounds kinda trivial, but all you guys have so much knowledge and was hopeing someone may have something to share. [​IMG]

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    A friend that has Corgi puppies has a little girl do something similar. She just stopped eatting and got weak, ect. She was told that when that happens to give them some sugar water. Sometimes they need the little extra umf :) to help them survive. you may try calling local breeders or pet stores and ask them also.
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    May 16, 2008
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    Thanks, I can try that if she stops eating. The ringers will help with that as well and does not stress thier digestive system.
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    Nutri-Cal works very well too...it is calorie dense, comes in a tube a little gooey but you can put a dollop on the back of their tongue and they get it down...they love the stuff and it gives them a lot of energy...the vets usually have it in stock...it wont plug them up and if they are a little constipated, it may loosen them enough to be more comfortable...hoep all goes well...

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    aww! i hope he makes it! [​IMG] [​IMG] i lost a kitten to fadeing kitten last year..it was heartbreaking to watch...we took him back and forth to the vets daily...finally the vet said its time to put him down...hes at the point now where he could be suffering...[​IMG]...i still want to cry when i think of him... best of luck!...[​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Quote:Oh, please don't. This is a big pet peeve of mine. Why call and talk to some kid at the pet store? Call your VET. S/he went to school for at least 8 years to be able to deal with sick animals.

    Good luck with your pup.
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    Oct 9, 2008
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    I hope the pup is better.

    I'm kind of confused when you say 4pm feeding.. next feeding, etc.

    Arent they with mom? Can't they feed when they want? Mom should be licking
    their bottoms and encouraging the poos too. Maybe they are but they way
    you talked about feedings it almost sounded like they were away from mom
    and you put them in for feedings?

    The only time I've had puppies , we've always just let them be and they fed
    off and on all day, not at specific times. Maybe I'm reading it wrong but it read
    weird to me... hehehee

    please give an update!


  8. mekasmom

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    Dec 9, 2008
    Have you tried Albon for coccida? Most very young puppy issues are related to coccida. I would even suspect it if the poo culture comes up negative.
    Another thought would be to have your female tested for herpes. When healthy puppies die for seemingly no reason in the 3-6wk area, you first think of canine herpes. A heat lamp might help if that is the case, and getting another female might be a possibility unless the male is also a carrier of the virus. Research the symptoms of canine herpes on the web to see if that might be the problem. It suddenly kills young puppies that appear healthy. They just cannot control their temperature due to the virus.

    You can use Karo syrup to encourage softer poo.
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    If it truly is fading puppy the best way to get them back going is this..

    take a piece of BEEF liver(has to be beef)
    boil it in just enough water to cover it, take out the liver,(I usually feed it to the mom) and let the water cool and give about a teaspoon to the pup once an hour for 6 hours..
    Don't know why it works, but it does..something about the iron in it kicks out the fading puppy syndrome
    Been breeding for over 20 years, works every time..

    Karo syrup only works on pups that really have not nursed and gotten going..I usually mix Karo and goat milk together and use that on the first night on pups that are not nursing well, the sugar keeps them alive until they can nurse on thier own.

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    Jul 28, 2008
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    I didn't know if you have had any success with the little one yet? I seem to be plagued by fading puppies unfortunately, and I use, first off, a homemade puppy formula rather than the mixes the pet stores sell. I use basically the same recipe that is here: http://leerburg.com/bottlefeeding.htm It's really high in calories and seems to give the pups a kick start. I prefer to use the fresh goats milk if you can find it. I also make sure to keep them hydrated and usually give them some pedialite. You said you take them into your vet for lactiated ringers, and that is obviously much better if it is during clinic hours. If mom has already pushed the pup aside I make a warm box for it to sleep in and make sure it is being stimulated to potty and poo poo. The hard stool could be caused by not enough fluids in the body so it could be a sign of dehydration. I saw this post a little late so I'm not sure if this is still a problem for you or not but the pup from the current litter I have right now that was a fader is now the biggest and strongest of the litter!

    Nancy, most times the WORST thing you can do is just put them with mom and let her take care of things. Especially in her breed. Most bulldogs can't breed naturally, whelp naturally, and I'm guessing she can't just leave the pups with mom because either bulldogs don't make the best moms (which happens VERY often with purebred dogs, instinct has been bred out), or perhaps she will lay on them or be careless. It's a big pet peeve of mine when people get their pets pregnant, and just say oh she will be fine because she's an animal and can do it on her own. Don't worry, I'm not getting on you, maybe just shining light on the situation.
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