Fainting Goats with Non Fainters?

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7 Years
Apr 27, 2012
Hunterdon County NJ
Does anyone have experience with fainters living with non fainters? Is there an issue or am I overthinking things? Hubby gave me the green light and a huge portion of our back yard for 2 mini goats. I have been researching African Pygmies, Nigerian Dwarf and Mini Silky Fainters. I know I will be getting wethers so I don't have to worry about multiplying my heard. I'm leaning towards pygmies but the fainters keep pulling me in their direction, still dwarfs are also a top contender. I can't decide on which breed so my thoughtful Hubby suggested I get one of each.

Any thoughts on three breeds and possible different care for each is appreciated.
You shouldn't have any problems. Fainters only faint when excited or startled, mostly. I've seen fainters drop when fed or offered treats, because they get so worked up. And not all fainters faint, and some do so to a different degree. Some just stiffen up for a second (not falling over), others fall over.

Since you are not breeding, you won't have to worry about keeping multiple bucks (if you were after purebreds). For pets, you're golden. I hope you enjoy your herd!
Glad to hear it. I'd hate to get the three breeds and find their to be an issue be it nutrition or care. I guess it's like having different breeds of dogs living together. Personalities, behaviors and predispositions will be different. I plan to reach out to breeders of each to get more information and coordinate getting them in the spring. Can't wait! Chickens and goats and dogs Oh, my - plus a wonderful hubby to indulge my love for animals - how lucky am I!!

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