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    Mar 5, 2007
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    I'm busy filling out all my 4-H paperwork for our fair this year and I need to think of a good fair presentation idea. In the past I've tried to make my presentation one that I am comfortable doing and usually one that I can have lots of visuals for. We are allowed to use animals in the presentation as well (Within reasonably limits). I have used chickens, turkeys, doves, pigeons, etc.

    Does anyone have any good ideas? Here are some of the presentations I have done in the past:

    ~Controlling type one diabetes
    ~Caring for a pet ferret
    ~Raising baby chicks
    ~Caring for and keeping poultry
    ~pressing flowers
    ~preparing poultry for show
    (There are a few others. I can't recall them all yet. Last year when I was demonstrating how to clip chickens' nails, I accidentally hit a vein and since it was so hot, my chicken started bleeding all over. I continued giving my presentation while holding pressure on the nail and I got more than a perfect score because the judges said I did so well dealing with both the bleeding and giving the presentation!)

    One idea I am kicking around would be something to do with emergency medicine. I've had my EMT cert. for awhile and would feel pretty comfortable doing a topic like that, but I need to narrow it down a bit. Not sure if this would be interesting enough though.

    Give me your ideas!
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    The baby chick care idea is a good one b/c people get those chicks for Easter and then they think it is too had to care for them and release them.

    good luck!
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    How about CPR for animals?dlunicorn posted a link around here for chicken CPR, and i'm sure there are sites with ratios for other animals.

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