Fall Brooder what to do?

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    My Buff Orpington went broody 4 weeks ago in Virginia. This being my first broody hen I made sure she was in a cozy coop with lots of wood shavings by herself (Eglu Omlet).One week in I put 9 fertile eggs under her and now they have started hatching. Day 18 after sitting on them she hatched her first chick; day 19 her second and third and the weather was fine, 70 to 85 degrees. Now the weather has turned cold, 48 degrees and 26 mph gusts = 44 degrees. Should I supplement heat the little coop? Should I do anything other than what she is doing? I did put a small waterer and feeder in the coop so she doesn't have to come out into the blustery cold wind.
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    She's far better at brooding chicks than we are. As long as they're scooting under her for a quick warmup, eating, drinking, and exploring, they're most likely just fine. Do block those winds, though. Trust her, but do keep an eye on things. Broodies have raised chicks even in the snow! Supplemental heat at this time will only overheat her and maybe even make her so uncomfortable she avoids her warm cozy spot and her chicks. Good luck!

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