Fall Ducklings


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Jul 1, 2012
One of my ladies had a secret nest in the duck house supply corner. I'm concerned about them being cold. Their mom gave up on them and was over parenting by day 3. She left them to run off with the rest of her pals. I tried getting her to settle in with them but found one cold and not moving (thought it died) the next morning- it recovered after being held for an hour by one of my very big hearted sons. Needless to say I now have 4 little cuties running around. I'm concerned because I have never had a fall hatch. I live in the NE USA. My ducks have an unheated duck house- but I have power out there. The temp is really dropping at night so they are currently inside my house happy and warm. I would normally put them out with the flock (seperated) at first full feather. For these little guys that would be winter. And honestly that really freaks me out. Anyone have any tips? Should I be planning on keeping them in for the winter?

How cold does it get where you live? Ducks are pretty cold hardy as they enjoy running around in snow and swimming in holes in frozen ponds. So it kinda depends on that. However, DEFINATELY wait till their first full feather, as that will give the, the warmth they need. And I don't know what bedding you have, but if you have something other than wood shavings and it isn't super good at holding in warmth, then switch to pine shavings. I hope this helps! :D
Thanks it does! It rarely goes under the teens here. I use wood shavings and have a pull down that creates smaller nesting sites for the winter so they can keep warm in the duck house. You're completely right about the winter swimming they love a good size hole in the frozen pond. These little ones will be waiting to discover that next year.

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