Fall Is In The Air


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Jun 6, 2011
Modoc, SC
Its been over 90 during the day for the past three months with a few 110+ days. But now I feel a coolness comming on. Any one else feel fall coming closer?
It was 90 on Friday, a humid 85+ on Saturday, very nice in the 70s on Sunday, yesterday and today it was in the high 50s/low 60s. It definitely is fall-like weather around here the past two days!
Fall is HERE!
I love it!
Leaf color on dogwoods and some maples is starting to change, goldenrod is coming into full bloom - Yep, fall is in the air.
Apparently Da Yooper in charge of the thermostat up here forgot about fall and turned it strait from summer to winter. A few days ago the high was in the 70s with lows in the 50s and last night the low was 26 degrees. That is a bit dramatic.
Brrrrrr...........Stacykins! Our overnight lows last night/tonight is in the low 40s, which doesn't bother me too much. Low of 26 is just a little too chilly for me right now!
Our high yesterday was 65. Brr!

Today its back to the 70s. Tomorrow 80s!

I just wish Mama Nature would settle down! I am going through menopause I don't need her doing it at the same time!!

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