fallen off the face of the coop

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    Sep 11, 2012
    I had a hock up with the Internet and all was lost! :(
    I couldn't get logged back on so I just watched to posts just add up. Not that I had anything to say. But it was sad non the less.
    Our Dorking house is almost ready. Still need a door and the fencing. Our started kit is here ame the water's are here. The chicks will arrive around the 8th. So right on schedule.
    I went to a local feed store and asked if they had Silver Grey Dorkings the owner said yes... bottom rack, so I looked... yep it appeared to contain "some " Dorkings but there was a mix of solid butter cream chick's? I am sure correction is welcome, but I thought all the silver grey chick's had markings and the difference was the stripe on their head.

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