Falling asleep standing up a sign of a ROOSTER?


11 Years
May 25, 2008
Right now I have a pullet separated from the rest because she was constantly getting attacked by the others and I figured it was because she was so much younger than them. We had a rain storm for 4 full days because of the Hurricane and all this pullet did was eat and looked completely different, like a different chicken than she did before and I noticed that she is constantly sleeping standing up. I was told a long time ago that was a sign of them being a rooster...is that true?

Here's a pic:

I have never seen my rooster's sleep standing up. That is typically a sign of being ill or stressed.

Is it? What could it be? She eats like crazy. Maybe she just wants company and to be put with the others?
Oh god. I don't know what her poop looks like because of the ground being covered with shavings. Can she give it to the others?
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First thing you want to do is isolate her from the others like you have done. Inside, in a quiet place, kind of warm and observe her. See what her poos are like and take action from there.

If she has been low on the pecking order and kept away from food and so on, she may not be the strongest immune wise, add that to bad weather and she could have gotten sick. Isolating her will prevent it from spreading IF it is communicable. If it is cocci, which is a parasite found in ALL soil, her immune system could have been so low that it finally took her over. Cocci in small doses is not a problem, since most have a resistance, but once they have their immune system compromised, things can go down hill fast.

See if you can't give her vitamins and electrolytes in her water, and boil up some egg yolk for an extra energy boost if she will eat it.

Chances are, if the others are still up and going strong, they will be fine, but do get her away from the others just in case, since like a weak link in a chain, can cause the load to drop, a weak bird can become the center of illness even if the reason for the illness has always been there an is only being bad becuase she was weakened otherwise.

Best of luck, she's a girl from the looks of it.
I have her separate. She eats like crazy, she stays as close to the food as possible and she's the only one eating it and we made sure to clean it. She doesn't eat much else but the chicken feed. She is similiar to my other chicken, the silkie who just has their own preferance and hers is the feed. I really hope she'll be fine. I'm gonna sit out and watch her for awhile and update on what I see.

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