False Alarm "Egg Layers"

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5 Years
Jun 13, 2014
Hello, Buffyfluffy 17 here. I have a few questions about my layer hens. I have recently been checking for eggs around 3 times per day and I will often see 1-3 hens in the laying box from the morning to noon hours. So, if I see 3 hens in the box in the morning, I expect to see 3 eggs where they were. However, it apparently is not as it seems because later on, I find 1 or 2 eggs instead of all 3 eggs expected of my hens to lay. I try not to disturb them and I have pet them before when sitting down, but I now just close the henhouse door and let them go on with their business. Does anyone know why my some of my hens seem to be having "False Alarms" when I think they are laying an egg? I would appreiciate any answers greatly!

Mine do the same. ( 1 yr olds) I remind myself, Don't count your eggs before they're laid!

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