Family Members, who think they know what they are talking about, but don't have a clue.

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    Hi! I'm going to start out saying ahead of time, I know this shouldn't bother me, but it really does and it has me second guessing.

    My boyfriend and I have started a small farm on his parent's property back at the end of March, because they wanted fresh eggs. Well we started out with two ducklings, because they had them at Tractor Supply. Then we went to the auction and rescued 11 Silkie chicks and 2 bunnies. About a week later a friend of mine needed to get rid of a rooster and said she'd give me 2 laying hens if we took. I found out why she was giving him away, hes a jerk, but that's not the story. So the two laying hens she gave us, started laying right away and consistently enough that we soon had too many eggs since we didn't really use them that much during the week since we all leave around 6:30 and don't have the time to make breakfast. So we usually use them only on the weekends, whether we cook with them or bake. So I started giving away dozens to family, friends and coworkers. I had given them to my parents, my grandparents, his one grandfather, co workers at everyones jobs, and even his mother's boss. They all loved them, said they were some of the best tasting eggs they had ever had! Made me really happy! Now here's where the problem is. We decided to give a dozen to his other grandparents. I love his grandmother, she is the sweetest yet hardest working woman I know. She was recently in a serious car accident and we didn't think she was going to make it, but she pulled through! She is not the problem. His grandfather, is a bull headed, stubborn old man, who I've butted heads with since the day I met him, because I am a bull headed, stubborn young woman. He's a city guy that moved to the country and thinks he's a farmer. I grew up in the country and have worked on several farms in my life and I think I know maybe a little more than he does, but It his way or the high way, and good luck trying to explain anything to him, he knows all and sees all, (rolls eyes). He is the problem. So we gave them a dozen eggs and I told them to let me know what they think because I like to hear feedback about my girls. So last week, My boyfriend's mother went over to check on them and see if they liked the eggs (they literally live like 2 minutes away). She came back and sat me down. She's like "You're not going to like this, but Pap said that there's too much rooster in the eggs and that we didn't candle them properly before putting them in the fridge, and that if we keep eating them we are going to get sick". I think I looked at her like she had six heads, because she started laughing. She goes "Don't worry, Mem loved them, said they were good" That sorta relieved me, but it really upset me that he said that. I know it shouldn't, because he's an old man who has no idea what he's talking about, never raised a chicken before in his life, but it still does. I had half a thought to tell my boyfriend to get rid of the chickens, but I sat down and looked at the 2 peepers we hatched 2 weeks ago and knew I was doing it right.
    We just gave my boyfriend's boss a dozen eggs today and I've been freaking out because of what his grandfather said. My boyfriend keeps telling me it'll be ok and that his boss will like them, but jeez, one person's word can ruin a good thing in a heartbeat.

    Im sorry to post such a long rant, but I needed to talk to it, and I knew you guys would understand, though I doubt someone ever told you anything so stupid...
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    Yes, we've all heard it before. Can't fix stupid. Waste of time trying. Though you could try it, but most likely you'd get more satisfaction beating your head against a brick wall. It's possible your grandfather saw a blood spot or a meat spot in an egg. Those are simply inclusions that cause no harm, and can be picked out if they cause concern. Other times people look at the chalazae in a fresh egg, and think it's sperm. Nope, they are just seeing a fresh egg with good cell structure that has not been broken down by age. It's impossible to see a sperm in an egg. Only a trained eye can look at an egg in the pan and tell if it's fertile. (Go to "hatching eggs 101" in learning center, or do a search for pics of fertile eggs to get that trained eye!) So, save your eggs for folks who appreciate them. Start selling them. Why give away a superior product? Let those extra eggs buy your feed.
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    To much rooster? lol

    The only roosterless eggs hes going to find is at the store an probably not then.
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    I have found men have more of an issue thinking about a egg having sperm in it than women do. I personally have not once had an issue eating the some eggs that I can put in my incubator and hatch. Fully aware that each egg I collect has the genetic material required to produce a chick, I don't care. Heck, some people eat balute eggs (sp?) as a delicacy.

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