FANCY White silkie eggs 30 $ must ship in the morning


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Nov 14, 2007
There are 10 eggs. These are out of birds I am showing. Will need to ship out tomorrow as I am leaving town Wed. Paypal only. [email protected]. PM me fast please. I will add pictures of parents in min.

Okay here are the pictures.



These are very nice quality birds and I am hoping to do very well at the bantam Show next weekend with them. I would show more than two of them but they have gone broody on me.

2 chicks that hatched last weekend
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BamaChicken , They are gorgeous! I always wanted some whites but do not have an incubator yet. Will you be selling hatching eggs next year?
AS long as they keep laying for me I will be selling eggs. I have some new blood to add to the mix in a few months. I have had some awesome whites hatch this year. One in this breeding pen is just awesome. I think she will place well at the show.
The reason I need to sell tonite is I was taking them to someone but something didn't work out or I would have sold them on Fri. If anyone wants them and can let me know by 12 pm tonite I will ship in the morning. Other wise I will put them in the bator tomorrow nite. before i go on trip. Thanks julie
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That chick is mine!!! Will pick up at Clanton Show! The parents are beautiful, beautiful picture perfect. Okay everyone.....the eggs are still available.
They didn't sell and I left town early Wed. morn. I wont' be home till Sat eveningso I put them in the bator. I a not getting so many right now with moulting and broodies so thought i better not eat them.
I have a pair of Julie's whites! You will NOT be dissapointed!!! She sent them in the mail right away and when I opened the box...I just, "ooohhhed and ahhhhed!!!"
They have already mated and we just got our first baby form them! Thanks Julie!!! LOVE 'EM!!!

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