FAQ: Medicated vs. Non-medicated starter feed: What’s the difference?

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    Nov 11, 2014
    Medicated and non-medicated feeds are the two primary options in complete starter feeds. The option you select should be based on whether or not your chicks have been vaccinated against coccidiosis. Coccidiosis can impact chicks at a very early age and the vaccinations should be provided at the hatchery in the first few days of life. Feed a medicated starter feed (with amprolium) to those not vaccinated for coccidiosis and a non-medicated starter feed to chicks who were vaccinated for the disease.

    Regardless of the presence or absence of medication in the starter feed for your chicks, select one that includes: enhanced amino acids to promote early chick development, prebiotics and probiotics to support immune health, and a balance of vitamins and minerals to support bone health and bird growth.

    Which type of complete starter feed have you used in the past and why? Tell us in the comments below?
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    I don't vaccinate my birds for anything, Mareks, coccidiosis, IB, etc..
    I've only bought one bag of medicated feed in my life. IMHO, with proper management, that is unnecessary.
    With bedding kept bone dry, feeders full and light exposure to coccidia gives them resistance without overloading.
    I prefer organic/non-GMO feed but the cost is often prohibitive.
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    Thx, that's Exactly the info I was looking for.
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    I've got some vaccinated chicks coming. If medicated crumble is all I can find, will it harm them? ie, is doubling up on vaccination and medicated crumble bad?

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