Farm dreaming - can we join forces with anyone out there?

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    Jun 2, 2012
    Dear fellow chicken enthusiasts - your wise counsel is needed!!!

    My aunt, daughter and I have always dreamed about having a small piece of land where we can have a great garden and a few animals. Does anyone know of a small farm or piece of land, anywhere in the US except really arid and hot places, where we can either rent or buy? We want to keep expenses low, but we are ready to sell both of our houses and combine efforts to make what we need a reality - that is, a lifestyle closer to nature, a more peaceful outdoorsy lifestyle, where we can enjoy our animals and refine our animal care-taking skills. We still plan to work outside the farm for income,but this is my grown up Christmas wish! Any ideas or advice?

    I have never done this on my own because I don't think I can handle it on my own. As a single mother since my daughter was 5 months old, I have to be realistic - there are things I cannot lift on my own, safety, what if there is an emergency, there are safety in numbers. I am not shy to admit there are wonderful things men can do that I can't - I just haven't found one who shares my goals.

    So, I have been forced to be a city girl to make money, pay off this **** student loan and educate my daughter. But enough sacrifice already! I am a contracts attorney (46), my aunt is a pipe fitter and plumber (53) and my daughter is a bright and kind little artist (9). I know this sounds strange to put this out there, but does anyone have any ideas?

    We are not opposed to joining forces with other people, or if maybe someone has a farm out there and needs the rent or wants to divide a section off to us to sell, we can come together and help each other? I am a great business person and wonderful cook - learning about food all my life. I absolutely LOVE raising chickens, improving their natural life experience and studying them. We would be happy to trade our services as well if that helps someone out? I am kind of a chicken whisperer and the Temple Grandin of chickens - without the autism! And, although I love law, I really need to make myself happy already, you know?

    We currently live in Pittsburgh, but we are willing to move almost anywhere. Ideally we would like a place where we can have chickens, milking goats and a few sheep. The school district has to be good. There needs to be a stream close by. I have two dogs and cats that are family. It would be great if we can build two little houses - one for my aunt and one for my daughter and me - or if the property has two little houses, even better, but one will do. We would also like to build an outdoor fireplace and put in a stove where we can can food. We want to build a fruit cellar in the earth. A pond or lake would be great.

    But most of all we want an arrangement that helps all parties involved, that adds to the quality of life for everyone, that is, a win-win! Life is too short to live without this dream becoming a reality so any opinions or advice are welcomed! Thank you for taking the time to read and we send you all our Christmas blessings!
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    Apr 9, 2010
    Glasgow, KY
    I was in the same boat as yourself.
    It took me two years of searching the US for an affordable place with acreage and privacy.
    It was also important to me to find a location that had little to no bureaucratic restrictions since I wanted livestock and to build buildings.
    I finally found an affordable farm on 15 acres (I paid cash) in Kentucky.
    We have two ponds and trees and pasture for my sheep.
    There are some parts of Kentucky that are grossly overpriced (Lexington area for example).
    But when you get way outside of the large cities, you can find some real gems.
    I'm in South Central Kentucky where the weather is mild and the people are extremely kind.
    Schools? I'm not sure if schools are all that great in a rural location.
    My daughter belonged to the ONLINE version of the public school system, so she schooled herself at home.
    She graduated last year and is in college and has started her own business.

    Keep searching for your piece of heaven. It's out there. I'm living proof that it can be found!
    If you'd like more info, feel free to send me a PM.
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    Aug 12, 2009
    Look on united country realty and Trulia among other places. You can often find places with 2 homes and acreage. I totally get the combining of people. I have some people that I would consider living with on land as long as we each have our own place. I have been told I would be the farmer and processor of the meat animals,lol.Lot of low cost places right now. I soooo want to move.
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    Jun 2, 2012
    Thanks for the validation that I am not crazy for wanting this and that others have thought of this and actually made it a reality. Also thanks for the tips. I have also decided to do cyber school and not worry about the school district. I agree about everyone needing their own house! I have often thought about a huge house in the style of hispanic homes that are square with an inner open air court yard and each person having a side of the square as their own the courtyard serving as a meet up with others if you want to place. We now have a meat processor and farmer (mattemma), a plumber, farmer, hunter and firewood manager (my aunt) , a cook, lawyer, farmer and a hen house manager (me) - seems like we need a carpenter/builder person and someone to lift heavy stuff or at least advise on farm equipment and machinery to do the lifting? Also an electrician would be a good person to have around. For sure a vet !!!!! Maybe I should advertise this idea on and Just kidding!!!! Thanks again fellow chicken lovers! Love the black cat and serama mom with chicks avatar! I am off to hunt for some possibilities!!!! I will keep you posted!

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