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  1. Remudamom

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    I have two coops that are 8 x 10. One of them houses 16 silkies. The other right now is home to 8 little d'uccles and three big hens. I'd like to get some more big hens. How many could the second coop hold, if any? I turn each coop out every other day to free range, and I mean really free range. We live out on a ranch and the chickens can really roam.

    When I'm not gathering eggs to hatch I could let them all out everyday. Otherwise I keep the silkies away from the d'uccles so I don't get mutts. many more pullets can I fit in the second coop?
  2. a4e82bad

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    Jan 30, 2012
    if you talk to a comercial guy he may say 117.64 but I would say 20 total
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    Yeah my coop is 10x12 and I would probably only put twenty in mine, at the most.
  4. a4e82bad

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    Jan 30, 2012
    I was wrong

    In the US, the current recommendation by the United Egg Producers is 67 to 86 in2 (430 to 560 cm2) per bird.

    that means you can put 171.94 birds in there. Oh MY.[​IMG]
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    It all depends on how you manage them. If they can truly free range each and every day and you don't leave them locked up in there for very long when they are awake, you can pack a lot in there. Basically you are just using it for a safe place to sleep and maybe some nest boxes. They are not really living in there, it's just their bedroom. I don't know if you feed them inside or not.

    Don't get hung up on coop size. They need space. It does not matter if that space is in a coop, coop and run, coop and total free range, or free range and they sleep in trees. But that space needs to be available pretty much when they are awake.

    8 x 10 is a nice size. Even if you leave them locked in there some, you can easily add another 8 to 10 to your current 11. But I would not leave them locked in any more than necessary.

    If they truly free range all day every day and are never locked in there when they are awake and you feed them outside, you could put 40 chickens in there. Now they poop a lot when they roost. The more that sleep in there, the more you'll need a compost pile and the more often you'll be adding to it.
  6. Remudamom

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    I think I'll get 9 more pullets and leave it at that. I don't need a lot of them and that'll give me plenty of eggs.
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    Dec 1, 2010
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    you can go 20 to 30 birds in an 8x10 and they'll be more than comfy!!!!!!!!
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    Jun 15, 2011
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    Oh my is wonder they have to debeak the poor girls...I have 20 in a 6x12 and they'd be pretty upset if I left them in there all day.

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