Fast Maturing Rooster.....


10 Years
Apr 4, 2009
Smithfield, PA
I have a black copper maran rooster that is 10 weeks old (today). He has been crowing and mating with the girls in his flock-same age - since 7 weeks old. His comb is very tall, waddles are hanging down, both bright red.. it's very obvious he is a rooster... Has anyone else had a rooster that was so dominant at such a young age - if so is he destined to be aggressive and a problem boy??

He (along with his entire flock) were hatched in my incubator - so i am certain of his age, and he did come from a standard size very dark brown egg (not bantam)
My boys are 8 weeks and beginning their attempts at mating and act like they want to crow, but aren't sure how LOL They are also beginning to squabble amongst themselves.

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