"Faulted" Columbian Wyandotte


7 Years
Sep 12, 2012
I'm not familiar with chicken showing, but I'm familiar with showing dogs and rabbits. And I am also pretty familiar with the genetics of both that produce certain colors. So the entire genetic make-up of chickens and their colors is new to me.

However, I received the hatching egg of a bantam Columbian Wyandotte earlier this year. It turned out to be a roo, and today he crowed for the first time. He's got the comb of a Columbian Wyandotte. He's got the proper leg color (yellow, bare), and the neck and tail colors look correct. But his back isn't. It has a lot of BROWN in it.

As a chick he was pure WHITE and grey - not yellow like most chicks that develop white feathering. So I know he's definitely at least PART CW.

My question is, when it comes to showing chickens, how serious is this "fault" and how easy might it be to breed it back OUT of him? I would imagine that I need to breed him to a clean hen, but if those chicks develop no brown coloration, are they "clean"? Or could they still carry brown onto their own offspring?

Here is the pic of his coloring, for reference.

Columbian Wyandottes are in fairly good demand in this area, especially the bantams. I'm just wondering if I need to give up on him and get a better roo right now, or if he has the capability of producing cleaner CWs that I could use in the future.
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He is pretty bird, but not pure Wyandotte. Back has to be white, you do not like to have any trace of gold. Also this bird is too skiny and long with long tail. Wyandottes are more round ball like.Wish you good luck.
Yeah, I had that feeling too. I guess I'll just give up on the CW breeding (I have plenty of others to focus on) and either sell him off, or let him have the mixed-breed hens.

You interested in him? Lol
You're semi-close...
he ssems to be a "Golden" Columbian Wyandotte... that is the mix between CW and Buff columbian Wyandottes.. dont give up on him, you can breed him to CW and get a few CW pullets and Buff columbian pullets and CW cockerels and Golden Columbian cockerels...

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