Favoring right "leg"

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  1. psyverson

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    May 26, 2011
    So I'm an idiot, 5-day old chicks, hanging out in my backyard, eating on some bugs, me watching over them.
    No big deal, pretty 95-degree weather... one of my dogs got close to sniff, trying to acclimate dogs to
    the chicks in hopes they'll eventually share the yard... I know, how Disney of me...

    Anyway, my dog pawed an escaped chick, not terribly hard, and she was pulled off within an instant.
    That chick is now favoring her right leg, moved her to her own brooder, gave food, water, warmth.
    Hopefully it is just a strain, seems to be chirping and breathing alright, will walk if she has to, but
    sits on the ground and huffs and puffs.

    I guess I'll just monitor the situation. Someone mentioned asprin in the water...


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