Favus, fungus, or dry skin on my silkie roo??


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Can anyone give me a heads up on what the white powdery looking substance is on my silkie roos wattles. It's on both wattles. No raised bumps or anything--just kindof like someone lightly painted some white paint on his wattles. I have noticed a couple other chickens with a very small amount of this on wattles--no one is losing feathers so far. The weather finally warmed up here in Michigan, and I have snow melting everywhere, plus it has been raining, so my chickens are getting wet. There were a lot of cobwebs in the rafters of my chicken building when I was able to start cleaning out after winter. I'd appreciate any input, suggestions, or help. So far, all chickens are acting normal and happy--this roo is crowing and sparring with another roo, eating okay--doesn't seem to be troubled. Haven't seen anything like this in the past, but would like to know if it's bad news.


I have silkies and they seem to have the same substance. They act fine and they seemed to have had it since I have had them. I don't know what it is either but I just wanted you to know that you aren't the only one with silkies like that. I don't think that you should be alarmed. I hope I am not wrong though!
Thanks for your input. I feel better. I just got some eggs I ordered for some new silkies, and I didn't want to be dealing with some kind of outbreak with new chicks coming in down the road.

Silkie roos are supposed to have a blueish white tint to their ear lobs. It's normal.

Now, wattles are the parts that hang under the beak. If those are powdery, it probably dry skin. Use some vet-rx or petroleum jelly on them to help.
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