Favus Or Mites Or Paranoid?

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    I dont have a picture but I am going to explain as best as possible a few hens and the rooster have tiny black spots on their combs some go in a small line another is the size of a qtip end they are black with no other colors they look ever so slightly raised like a scab.. am I being paranoid or is it favus I live in AZ it is hot and dry mostly but has been rather wet with monsoons could I have mites that are getting them. It looks like tiny pepper flakes on the combs not all the combs, only about half the hens and roo nothing too big, but I wanted to get it under control if it was something...
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    It sounds more like fowl pox to me. It would also be more likely now with the onset of monsoon season and the explosion of mosquitos, which can carry it. Look at the pics on this page and see if it looks similar: http://www.merckvetmanual.com/mvm/index.jsp?cfile=htm/bc/204801.htm I would note that I have no experience with it at all, I've only read about it and seen pics and your description sounds similar.

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