Feasting on Ranunculus and anenome leafs


Mar 29, 2020
This is my first winter with chickens. My girls are 9 months old. They are feasting on my anemone and ranunculus sprouts!! We let them freerange for about an hour a day so they have access to a variety of backyard goodies, grass, clover, weeds, lavender, bugs, ... so they have a lot to choose from and they’re still going for my precious bulbs. Thought plants in the buttercup family were toxic to chickens? They haven’t acted sick at all. I also read that chickens tend to naturally not eat what is toxic to them, they stayed away from my tomato plant in the summer. Ive put chicken wire around the plants to protect them (but I didn’t do a good job of it😆)
Does anyone else have experience with chicken eating ranunculus and anenome foliage?

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